Handle Large delimited data files with ease.
Up to 2 Billion rows and 2 Million columns large!
CSV, Tab, Space, Pipe, Fixed-Width ... you name it.


Feature Tour

  1. Quickly open any delimited data file and automatically detect the delimiter.
  2. Or set the delimiter of an opened file manually, can be any character, string/text or fixed column widths.
  3. Convert files from any delimiter to any delimiter like CSV to TAB, or change line endings from CRLF to LF and vice versa.
  4. Find and replace data or empty cells throughout the entire file or within specific columns and/or rows.
  5. Split-up any delimited data file into file parts of equal size or split-up based on column values.
  6. Join multiple delimited files into one resulting file or join rows from two files on matching column values.
  7. Quickly select which columns to extract and in which order.
  8. Extract data from any delimited file by specifying a filter. Extract every Nth row or a random number of rows.
  9. Sort any delimited data file based on cell content or shuffle/randomize all rows.
  10. Deduplicate rows based on any set of columns.
  11. Jump to any cell or jump to any corner cell of the file.
  12. Bookmark any cell for quick subsequent access.
  13. Open large delimited data files; many GBs in size!
  14. Open data files up to 2 billion rows and 2 million columns large!
  15. Work with character delimited, string delimited, fixed column width or just plain text files.
  16. Quickly see all your bookmarks, double-click to jump to any of them or click to rename.
  17. Keep track of long running operations.
  18. Scroll vertically or horizontally to any part of the file or split the view into multiple panes.
  19. Keep track of the current selection.
  20. Freeze the 1st row of any file.
  21. Open multiple files, move them to tab groups and quickly switch between the files.
  22. Configure built-in and custom file delimitation rules for automatic parsing of files.


Your level of support is above and beyond what I expected! I am absolutely amazed at how easily accessible you have been and wish to thank you for your help! Great product and AWESOME support! - Dale H.

Your product is the only one I have found that does what I need with very large files. It has been such a time saver and stress reducer for me! Thank you for your product! Keep up the good work!. - Brian T.

Delimit is really handy. Had a CSV file I couldn't open in Excel. Delimit worked perfectly. - Juhan H.

In case anyone is attempting to open massive files, Delimit opened my massive CSV file almost instantaneously. - Gabriel T.

Your app really helped us out of a jam. Multiple CSVs with 25K in columns that needed to be split. Good and fast stuff. - Perry A.

I've been putting Delimit to good use for the past few months, a great tool! Thanks for the excellent service and software! - Leon V.

I love what you are doing. I really needed something that could open large delimited files quickly. - Gray J.

Delimit does almost any task you can think of when it comes to a CSV. You have a great program here and i love it! - Stefan F.

I managed to accomplish what I was looking for. FYI _ I think the product is incredible and for large datasets (I am trialing 28 million records at the moment) it is brilliant - Paul S.

93 files, 40GB total, joined in a couple minutes. 100 million rows. bam, no problem! - Brett O.

We have been using your software for a while now. And we really love it! Makes working with large csv files a breeze. - Lars S.

We're currently in the middle of a massive data migration between two point of sales systems. Passing CSV files of data exported from our old system to the new system. Delimit has been absolutely invaluable in this process. Working with CSV files with 6 million rows, I really don't know how I could have been doing this without your software. - Andrew B.

I love using Delimit, it works beautifully and reliably to open very large data files is a snap that would otherwise choke programs like Excel. Makes extracting data subsets or re-joining data in a different order very quick. I can then easily parse the data into smaller workable files that other programs like Excel can operate on. Well worth the cost! - Mitchell J.F.

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